A tree cries everytime his best friend is made into a college brochure.

Ever since I took the PSAT for the first time in 10th grade, I’ve been getting college brochures from colleges I have never even heard of.  Hillbert College?  Regis College?  Stonehill College?  Bridgewater College?  So not only do I have to choose from the colleges I have already heard about but I may have to research colleges I don’t know and possibly apply to them?

I’m not necessarily going to research them.  I’m just overwhelmed and I’m venting about what a shame that all the paper is wasted and is going to the recycle bin to have another chance at having a useful paper life.

Oh, and if you attend any of the aforementioned colleges, sorry if I offended you in any way.  I’m just not well cultured in small modest colleges, I suppose.

Post You Later,


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