I don’t want to grow up.

Once I graduate in June of 2009, that’s it; I’m on my own.

I’m typing this post from the library of Stony Brook University, the closest large university (15,000 undergrads) from my home.  Getting here (and then once I’m here, getting around) is a huge confusing mess.

I tried really hard to prepare myself on Saturday for my trip to SUNY Stony Brook today.  I printed out campus maps, train schedules, and classroom numbers.  I thought that my visit here would be a breeze.

My first stumble was with the ticket machine for the train ticket.  I put in my debit card and it was stuck there momentarily.  Then I pressed the wrong button and it did not have a “Go Back” button.  I had to wait 4 minutes for the stupid machine to start.  My dad saw that I had difficulty with this and got out of the truck to help me.  Great, if my dad needs to help me before I even get out of this town then I’m completely helpless.

When I finally got to the Stony Brook station, I had to go to the center of campus.  The university bus map was just a intertwining spaghetti nightmare.  They claim that the bus passes ever 25 minutes but I had to wait 45 minutes.

Finally, I get off at the Student Activities Center.  It’s cute looking and colorful.  I went into the college bookstore and bought a car key strap thing and a card for my mom’s birthday.  Let me tell you, there were alot of Ramen Noodles.

Next I wanted to find Harriman Hall classroom 116.  I’m taking an introductory political science course there starting tomorrow so I wanted to be sure I would find it instead of rushing in late.  I found the building alright.  I was starting to think this was easy.  I went down a long hallway.  My room number was nowhere to be found.  I went through two big doors and I thought I found it – Room 116.  Wait, it said Room P-116.  I looked around, there were pictures of space and science-y stuff posted everywhere.  I somehow ended up in the Physics building.  So I went back around (I was directionally disoriented so it took a while) and discovered that I took a wrong turn – literally.  I was getting tired.

I thought the library would be a great place to recuperate. I guess I got distracted because I went down a colorful ramp/alleyway path that led me to the chemistry building. I have no sense of direction obviously.  It took me a while but I realized that the library is right behind the SAC.  Awesome.

So what I have learned from this experience was that I need to find a college where the campus is beautiful but will not overwhelm me.  Maybe it’s because this is the first time I wandered around a college campus alone.  I’ve seen Cornell University and their campus wasn’t that bad.  Maybe it’s because I was with my family (including my comforting dog) and my tour guide was cute.

All in all, I’m starting to learn what I really want from a college.

Post Ya Later,


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