College Class Tryout

This is a first.  I’m trying out a class instead of having a coach try me out.  It has been an awesome experience so far even though it is only the first day.

My instructor for World Politics, Everett Young, seems to be very easy-going.  I’m glad he’s not a stuffy old professor like I thought I would have.  He seems to be very intelligent and a good teacher.

The class so far is not too painstaking but I know effort must be put into it to receive a good grade.  So far we have discussed what we willdiscuss in class and we have gone into some introductory stuff such as certain acronyms like NGO, IGO, OPEC, OAS etc.  Professor Young is very considerate for writing important points on the board while I scribble down key details.

The class is 3 1/2 hours long but does not feel like it is thanks to a 15 minute break and lively discussion.  Luckily, I do not have to purchase from a textbook because the professor agrees that it is arduous and unnecessary.  Our assignments, which are just readings, are posted on a virtual classroom, if you will, and is very convenient.

The first class has taught me that I should be aware of what I want from an average college class.

Size is an important aspect of college classes.  We had 19 people in our class today.  I felt that 19 was a very good size because a) he went around the classroom to memorize our names.  This is important to me because it tells me he considers me a student and not a number.  b) it was a small number for everyone to feel relaxed when discussing topics.  If we had more people the public speaking fear would have been increased.  c) it was a large enough number to have diversity in opinions on different topics.  If the class size was smaller, there might not have been as many perspectives.

In conclusion, I think my ideal class size would be from 20 to 40 students.

However, I have this feeling that when it comes to mandatory classes like Intro to Psych, I wouldn’t mind being in a class of 200 so that I could be lost in the crowd and not have to speak up.

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